Just Keep Swimming

You've made it through identifying your vision, organizing around your goals, and then hustling to get work done. Now comes for one of the hardest parts - sticking with it.

This week was time for revisiting the processes you've put in place to identify which ones are working and which ones aren't. The important thing to keep in mind is that all the changes are meant to:

Minimize effort.
Work smarter.

By accomplishing these three things, your processes should be easier to stick to. But what if you're still having some trouble? Some changes come easier than others, of course. You're not striving for perfection but for change, so any bumps in the road are normal and expected.

If a change is not working for you, think about:

  • What can you do to include it as part of your existing processes?
  • How can you motivate yourself to continue it?
  • Is this change really necessary?

If we find ourselves getting away with something consistently, maybe it's not worth our time to complete or you're telling yourself that it's not necessary.

My advice on processes:

Sometimes it's ok to break the rules. Just make sure they're there to break.

By setting them up, you've created a framework for everything you do so that you can take your mind off the little things.

But life happens. Things go awry. Things need to change. Things can't stay static all the time.

So processes can change and so can you - break your own rules if you need to because some days you just need to rest. Or go to that cookout. Or network like a beast.

Keep up the great work moving forward and don't forget to keep doing what works best for you.